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A virtual office that is perfect for small business

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Published 12 Feb 2013

[cont'd] and whenever you need it - assuming there is an internet connection, of course. This clean, good locking and easy to use system is the perfect small business solution that covers everything from the initial contact with a customer right through to the point when they pay. It also keeps a track of your complete inventory. Store customer information, inventory data, invoices, quotations and reports in the cloud and keep your hardware and software costs to a minimum. And with the lowest pricing plan coming in at about three bucks a month you can see that it's an enticing prospect for the sole or small business person to keep their accounts in order.
The obvious question to be asked when it comes to this inventory and accounting app is - why choose Just2Cloud over other fine office systems. Well, in a nutshell, it's clean, easy to use, cheap and does much of the operations that a small business needs to function in the 21st Century. You are not tied in to any long term expensive contracts, there is nothing to download or install and it's cloud-based structure means that you can access it from wherever you can get an Internet connection. It allows your whole team to collaborate and update information while they are on the go or in the office and provides much of the flexibility that a small business requires.