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JustSnapThis is a different sort of photo sharing site. Every day a new picture topic is posted, ... More

Editor's review

Published 27 Oct 2011

With most photo sharing sites there isn't really a great concept to them. Dont get me wrong, there are some truly glorious photos amongst them but there's not much to set them apart from other similar sites is there? JustSnapThis is a photo sharing site with a concept. Each day a new picture topic is posted and you are invited to upload your own digital masterpieces that relate to that day's subject.
JustSnapThis is a free social networking photo share tool that's different to most. Every day a new picture topic is posted and users can upload pictures relating to that day’s topic. Users can also upload pictures to previous topics, comment on pictures and vote pictures up and down. You can explore the many photos posted everyday as well as being able to share and show off your own photographic skills by uploading  your own. The topics chosen as the day's them are more interesting than just Summer or Sunsets and such like. Recent topics have included more thought provoking topics like Self Portrait, Something You Carry In Your Pocket and What Are You Eating.

JustSnapThis is a fun free social photo share tool where you can show off your photographic masterpieces as well as viewing thousands of other people's pictures. It's a simple to use tool where you can easily upload your photos for the world to see in seconds as well as exploring and commenting on them all. You can even gain points in the JustSnapThis community and move yourself up the ranking ladder if you're feeling competitive.

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