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The idea of kaanzi is to access and utilize services across the web through a command shell. ... More

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Published 17 Mar 2012

Despite the fact that our computers are loaded up with heaps of services we've set up over time, the truth is, we really only use a few of them regularly. kaanzi is a search and organize application that allows us to polarize the things we view on a regular basis. It's a command shell that optimizes web time by gearing your Internet time to the things you like most whether it be email, the weather, your favorite sporting team or the latest YouTube sensation.
The idea of kaanzi is to access and utilize services across the web through a command shell. Many quality services crowd up our web life today. These include checking the local weather, reading your email, checking out family photos, reading the latest feed from your favorite sporting hero etcetera etcetera. Now, if a platform can aggregate many of these services we love and use, it optimizes our time on the web, makes our web life more goal oriented and therefore proves to be beneficial. By using a command prompt, we can find the perfect balance between sweeping in and out of our favorite services while keeping a simplistic approach that makes computer time more
So how does it work in real terms? Well, lets say one of your friends just let you know that he is going to watch the Superbowl game from the Buffalo Wild Wings near Collins Street in Arlington Texas. Maybe you want to join him if you can make it and you might want to bring some of your other friends. So, you can go on kaanzi and use some essential services that give you some basic info that you can use to help you reach a decision point. Then you can follow up on your decision by sharing it with other likely travelers. Check out all the details about the venue including any reviews, expected weather conditions and work out how long it's going to take to get there. Then you can update your friend on Facebook that you'll be there and  let the rest of your friends' know on Twitter - all in the one action once you are signed in.
The idea behind kaanzi is to bring quality web services under one umbrella in the most meaningful and effective way. It aims to reduce the 'noise' of search engines and multiple tab browsing which can enhance the way we interact with the web. kaanzi is a very logical concept and it's raison d'etre is to make our Internet browsing more precise and geared to things we do everyday whilst not holding back it's ability o be reasonably random. I applaud it for it's efforts. Let's just see where this search tool goes next.

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