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Published 13 Oct 2011

The message seems to be a very clear one on this site. Advertising revenue alone cannot continue to keep free sites free for much longer.

That may be a fact however this potential solution for filling the gap seems to require the lining up of rather a lot of ducks before producing micropayments for lucky site owners.

The concept itself is simple enough to understand. Regular users of sites that provide useful and regularly updated free information and news can sign up to become a kachingler and list their favourite sites. Likewise any site owner looking to take advantage of the service can sign up, describe exactly what their site does and provide the URL. Either way the result is that a kachingle medallion symbol will appear on the website from then on.

The revenue collection procedure is just as simple to understand. Kachingler’s deposit $5 a month into their account and when using a site displaying a medallion they can click on it and turn it a different color confirming it’s a site they wish to support. Their visit will be recorded and subsequent visits too without the need to click on the medallion again.

At the end of the month the $5 will be distributed amongst the kachingle sites visited with the split based on the number of visits.

It’s all very noble and I’m not against crowdfunding providing support for worthy sites that might otherwise struggle to survive. Where the potential problems might lie however is down...