Developer description

Also known as Cross Sums, Kakuro is a mix between a crossword and sudoku puzzle. Unlike a crossword puzzle where the clue is a word or phrase, a Kakuro clue is a number that the corresponding answer cells must add up to. That’s where the sudoku part comes in. Each clue has at least 2 and no more than 9 answer cells. Each answer cell must be a single digit (1-9). Duplicate digits are not allowed within a clue (4 = 1+3, 4 ≠ 2+2).

Kakuro Game has a minimalist design and intuitive controls that take the hassle out of solving Kakuro puzzles electronically. After solving a puzzle you can see where you rank vs others who completed the same puzzle. You can also challenge others to beat your solve time. Even if they don't have the app installed they will be able to complete the challenge via our website. Lastly, data (stats, challenges and in-progress puzzles) can be synced between devices with a free account.

Last updated 12 Sep 2019

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