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kanban2go is a visual online task management software. Now you can simplify managing your To ... More

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Published 24 Feb 2012

kanban2go, in initials-speak, is a task management application that organizes your TD list and helps you to GTD! Roughly translated that means that it manages your To-Do list and enables you to GetThings Done!  This free productivity tool can be used on any device to effortlessly organize, prioritize and manage your work in a small team environment and just generally make your professional or personal life less complicated enabling you to achieve stuff.
kanban2go is a visual online task management software. It lets you simplify managing your To Do lists effortlessly from any device using your intuitive mind instead of complicated GTD methods. Kanban means billboard in Japanese and companies like Toyota have been using Kanban boards to organize, prioritize and manage work in small team environments for over 40 years - producing high quality cars and out-competing larger automakers. kanban2go brings the same benefits of kanban boards to your personal and professional life. kanban2go is a simple, easy to use, intuitive app you can access via your Internet browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone. So, what makes it so damned efficient? It's simplicity is probably the answer. All you really need to do is to put your tasks in the To Do column of the kanban2go board and then prioritize them by moving up or down. Pull any tasks you are actually working on into the In Progress column of the board to work on them. When you are done with a task just pull...