Developer description

If you're having problems working on projects together in your organisation, why not manage projects from within the Google interface that everyone knows. Kanbanchi is a free dashboard application for project collaboration, employing the simple and higjhly effective kanban method of getting work done - but from within the familiar Google Drive set up. Project boards with indexes and cards are used to visualise the workflow of all important tasks and activities.
Cards usually progress through the indexes from left to right across the board, with each index representing the particular stage of the workflow. For instance: Idea to Implementation to Testing to Product Release. Kanbanchi is the only kanban board specifically designed to manage projects within the Google Drive environment, making it as easy to manage projects as it is to manage documents and spreadsheets.
- Simple intuitive dashboard design to visualise workflow
- Easy to add members to cards to provide appropraite project stage access
- Highly customisable for your own needs
- Ability to add checklists, due dates etc. for projects
- Drag & drop attachments on to cards
- Graphical attachments have previews with saving animation
- Beta: Card filters, CSV export, Notifications

Last updated 30 Mar 2015