Developer description

KanbanTool is a web-based application for visual project management, helping you to organize work and manage tasks with online Kanban boards and colorful cards. It has been trusted by over 15 000 users in nearly 100 countries.

KanbanTool supports real-time collaboration that allows teams to get work done faster. This powerful tool significantly improves communication between team members. KanbanTool resembles a real whiteboard with sticky notes but is available anywhere and anytime. It provides advanced online Kanban boards with wide range of customizable features. It is really intuitive and easy to use thanks to drag & drop interface. Moreover, it offers insightful analytics for planning, monitoring and improving project performance. Users can easily visualize key results with breakdown charts, cumulative flow and lead & cycle time diagrams. All data can be exported to Excel or CSV. KanbanTool is a perfect solution for businesses and individuals that want to empower productivity by visualizing workflow and organize work better.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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