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An executive tune up for your performance management

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Kapta started with a simple idea: provide great Employee Performance Management tools and ... More

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Published 17 Jul 2012

Kapta Systems could well be described as an executive tune up for your business methods. By that I mean that this business solutions application provides a cost effective elite employee performance management for businesses of all sizes that doesn't take a degree in business studies to understand.  Kapta's business plan is based on performance management problems based on the business experiences of over 100 top executives to identify and solve familiar everyday business problems.
Kapta started with the simple idea of providing great employee performance management tools and solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes. The concept involved wanting to make employee evaluation systems straightforward and easy for anyone to use and not just relevant to Human resource professionals. Whether you are a small or large business Kapta provides the same great product to all customers with no minimums or size thresholds and offers software that doesn't require a team of consultants and techies to implement.  Before launch, Kapta spent six months interviewing over 100 executives to make sure they understood exactly what their performance management problems were and how they could be solved and purposely built a specific human resource application to take the pain out of performance evaluation reviews. This approach allowed them to focus on what they do best and that is to build useful, straightforward and elegant human resources software that meets your essential performance management requirements. Kapta is a small private company that is dedicated to provide individual, personalized support to their clients and promises to provide great, personal customer support and dozens of guides, videos and ebooks on how to manage your goals for maximum impact.
If you are your company's performance manager you have a couple of choices. If you like, you can take your staff through a performance evaluation at the end of the year and let them know then how they can improve their work flow to improve their productivity in the future. But, by implementing Kapta into your work plan, you can pre-empt any problems and solve them before they occur leading to a much smoother, better organized and collaborative working experience to boost your bottom line. Goals are outlined with better transparency so everyone knows their responsibilities and can see how their contributions can lead to better productivity. This cloud-based set of business tools keeps everyone on the same page.

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