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A '3-in-one' comprehensive personal safety app for all ages and all professions

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Sfara Guardian provides comprehensive personal safety & emergency response. No matter where you ... More

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Published 14 May 2018

Is there anything more important to us than the safety of our family members? Of course there isn't. Whether they are grown up and have left the nest or are still at home it's no different - you want to offer them the best protection possible. Sfara Guardian is a new smartphone app for Android and iOS that provides all round personal safety and an emergency response help if you or your family get themselves into trouble. It delivers the best form of peace-of-mind for people at all stages of their lives and in all professions by wrapping them in what the developers call a 'Sphere of Safety.'

Sfara Guardian offers three personal safety solutions in one app. The free version of The app starts off by giving you a driving report card that gives an instant snapshot of your loved ones' driving behavior no matter whether they are at the beginning of their on road adventures or are seasoned motorists. The report will show you how fast they drive, how well they brake and accelerate and shows exactly where they have been. It also provides on-demand roadside assistance. With just the touch of a button, the roadside team will know their exact location and send a real-time map along with a dedicated service truck to rescue them. If they do get into trouble it will also show exactly where the nearest emergency centre is - all automatically loaded into the navigation system. Finally, there's the 'fake call' feature...