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A '3-in-one' comprehensive personal safety app for all ages and all professions

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Published 14 May 2018

[cont'd] that can offer help for anything from a bad date to an unwanted catch up. One tap delivers an escape route via a pretend phone call that looks and sounds just like the real thing by incorporating a built-in timer, a ringtone and a call screen so no one will suspect that there's any subterfuge on your part.

There are also a couple of paid versions of the app that give you plenty of worthwhile extras. For only US$4.99 per month (with a 7-Day Free Trial) you get all the previous features plus a very experienced Emergency Manager who will guide you at any time of the day or night with a calm, reassuring presence if trouble looks likely. The SOS Button and Emergency Navigator are not just for emergency situations either. If you feel something isn’t quite right the EM will stay on the line with you until help has arrived. They will also give real-time 'turn-by-turn' directions to the nearest emergency center. The Automatic Crash Response feature covers you with real-time crash detection and response in any passenger vehicle whether you are driving to work, riding with friends or in a rideshare.

For added protection there's also the Checkpoint Timer which lets you set a timer that delivers an alert to base if it goes off and you haven't entered your PIN number. If you are still considered to be in trouble after a call they will send help. Last but...