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A '3-in-one' comprehensive personal safety app for all ages and all professions

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Published 14 May 2018

[cont'd] not least there's the Triple-Tap feature. If you find yourself in an emergency situation you can simply triple-tap the front or back of your phone - even when it’s still in your pocket. A discreet alert will be sent to your EM who will call to check on your safety and send help if necessary.

This app was developed to help protect your family no matter their age or their situation. They may be off on a road trip, picking up groceries, walking the dog, meeting clients, out with friends for the night, looking after the kids or the old folks - it makes no difference. Remember how Sgt Phil Easterhaus used to say in Hill Street Blues "hey, hey, hey...be careful out there"? The world can be a dangerous place these days but Sfara Guardian will be there to help whenever it's needed. Right now, all the features of Sfara Guardian can be secured for US$59.99 per year and that includes 4 free roadside events when you prepay. At present, the service is only available in the US but It's available for free download for Android, iPhone and iPad on the relevant App Store.