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Developer description

Katana is a Bluetooth enabled flash drive with cloud-managed encryption and remote wipe capability that can upload your files directly to the cloud through your mobile device.

Organizations are currently banning flash drives to prevent the loss of sensitive data in favor of cloud storage options such as DropBox. Flash drives, however, are several hundred times faster than cloud storage, more convenient, universally compatible, and don’t require network connectivity.

Katana, which will be launching on Indiegogo in early June 2015, combines the security of cloud storage with the convenience of a flash drive. It’s a smart flash drive that pairs with your mobile device to provide robust, managed security along with remote wipe capabilities. Katana users will have the option to either save their files on the Katana or upload files directly to the cloud.

Katana is a proven concept. Six prototypes of Katana with ARM MCUs, 64 GB eMMC memory and Bluetooth 4.0 have already been produced. Companion apps have also been tested for both iOS and Android. The prototypes incorporate advanced features such as locking and unlocking by geo-fencing and usage logging.While many aspects of the technology are patent pending, all of Katana’s software, hardware and SDKs will be released under open source licenses to encourage community development.

Katana is the first true MDM capable flash drive and has potential revenue streams through both device sales and MDM platform subscriptions. ComponentBid, LLC is interested in direct to consumer sales but would ultimately prefer to find a partner to license the technology.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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