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Developer description

Defend your hilltop settlement from the marauding forces of the apocalypse in this unique 3D defense game, built for the iPad from the ground up!

You are cast into the shoes of a mysterious author of a lost journal, chronicling an epic battle of survival fought atop a remote mountain. Facing a constant threat from mutant creatures, sentient military robots, and otherworldly aliens, you must use a variety of makeshift weapons and your quick wits to defend and expand your fort.

Rich and colorful 3D graphics, intuitive controls, simple mechanics, and a gently scaling difficulty curve make it perfect for kids (9+), as well as casual and mid-core adult audiences. However, the game offers plenty of strategy and challenge for core gamers too, at higher levels!


• An entirely different POV on a defense-style game, made for the tablet!

• Casual yet challenging action-strategy gameplay, with intuitive touch controls!

• 12 improvised weapons, allowing for lots of clever combinations!

• 14 fun enemies, including fearsome Bosses!

• Hours of gameplay across three seasons of battles, including intense Bonus Stages!

• Amazing 3D graphics, great music & sound!

• Story journal, Workshop, Hint Book, Game Center, Facebook, and more!

• Freemium: Enjoy one full season of battles FREE!

• Developed by a veteran console team!

Last updated 21 Apr 2013