Developer description

Keeping™ is the world’s first helpdesk that works inside Gmail. Keeping™ is a Gmail extension that adds helpdesk functionalities to any Gmail or Google App email accounts.It allows you and your team to manage customers support more efficiently directly from your current mailbox without having to use an external helpdesk. We decided to develop Keeping™ out of frustration with existing helpdesks that were far too complex for most businesses. We instead invented a different approach to managing customer support that works directly inside Gmail.
This is how Keeping will help you:
- Let everyone in your team help customers For excellent customer service, your entire team should be involved. Keeping™ lets everyone in your team receive, respond to and assign support emails directly from within their own mailbox. All support emails get organised in a new section of your mailbox and are separated from your regular emails.
- Spend less time answering support emails Automatically answer repetitive questions. There’s no bigger drain on productivity than being forced to type the same replies over and over again. When a new support email comes in, Keeping™ automatically suggests possible responses based on previous answers. If no match is found, a new response can be saved and the next time a similar question is received, Keeping™ will suggest it.
- Track how well your team assists customers Keeping™ lets you measure important metrics so that you can improve how well you assist customers over time. See how many support inquiries you’ve received and how quickly you’ve responded. Drill down by date and monitor your team’s performance.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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