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Free online vet consultation before you rush your pets off to the local vet

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Published 6 Oct 2021

[cont'd] if necessary, put you in touch with your nearest available vet.

Once established, your KeepPet digital passport can be shared with the global vet network and is easily accessible in times of need no matter where you are in the world. This cuts out the laborious task of spending ages getting your pet's medical records transferred from one vet to another and makes it far simpler and faster for the vet to get to the bottom of your pet's problem. Once you've passed on the details to your local vet there's the added problem of getting an appointment in their busy schedule. While KeepPet has no intention of replacing in-clinic examinations or regular check-ups for your pet, it can actually become the first line of defense.

KeepPet isn't just a one stop digital passport for your pets however. It's also a global community where you can view all the latest pet news, read about new scientific approaches and discover all the innovations in veterinary medicine with the rest of your pet community. You'll have access to articles by some of the finest pet specialists around including trainers, nutritionists and animal behaviourists to find out the latest and most reliable information to keep your animals fit and healthy. You can even explore your pet’s family tree and highlight their achievements.

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