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Published 29 Nov 2011

It’s quite a responsibility looking after someone else’s pooch or moggy when they’re away and if you make it a business rather than just a favour for friends then you’ll need some serious organization to gain a credible reputation. certainly gives you plenty of features to run an efficient and professional looking boarding kennel or cattery as far as the administration side goes. You’ll still have to clean the pens and walk and groom your charges but then those are the pleasures of the business.

It’s a simple app to use with clear page views covering all the relevant parts of an animal’s stay. Booking in is easy and a drag and drop function allows you to allocate pets to pens instantly. The diary function then lets you see at a glance who’s coming in and who’s leaving in any given month.

By entering your standard rates to the system quoting and billing are streamlined. Invoices can be raised with a client’s details already populated from the records.

The wellbeing of animals in your care should obviously be uppermost in your mind and enables you to build a detailed profile of your client’s pets. From emergency contact numbers and veterinary details to updated vaccination records and overall character notes you’ll know your furry guests inside out.

The system has good search facilities for all of the data on it and a to-do function will help you plan your daily routines with alerts for arrivals and...