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Developer description

Frustrated with cramped, narrow keys that lead to more typos than a text message from Paris Hilton? It's time to try KeyZag!

KeyZag is a flexible keyboard app that can be placed anywhere on screen and scaled to any size. KeyZag differentiates from other screen keyboard apps by providing high levels of input comfort for both landscape and portrait orientations, symbols of desired size, and advanced recognition of input. With its large buttons KeyZag is also suitable for kids and people with low vision or motoric problems.

Here's some of the features that will make you say goodbye to your default keyboard app:
- Resizable keyboard with QWERTY layout and keys placed intuitively in zig-zag
- Symbols and accented letters in Latin, Cyrillic and Hindi alphabets are easily accessible with a single tap
- Full set of emoticons to choose from and add in your message
- Advanced input recognition and prediction of next symbol
- Different themes based on the size of your smartphone screen

KeyZag is available for free on Google Play ( )

Last updated 20 Jun 2014