Developer description

Dare yourself to kick some fun, to scream the dull out. Entertain the day wherever you are. Complete the challenges, kick, scream, do whatever it takes. Completing 'Kicks' and 'Screams' earns points and failing to complete challenges loses points. The lead player is announced each time you move to the new game round. Each category has many challenges that will surprise and give you an opportunity to shine by completing the hardest of tasks. You can upload pictures to your Facebook profile without leaving the game and even become world-famous by sharing them to our official Facebook page. The categories are designed to fit your mood and the location of your game. You can add FREE BONUS 'Kick' and 'Scream' items to your downloaded game inventory and track the number of challenges remaining in every category. The unique Social category is constantly updated by players worldwide—you can too add challenges to be completed around the world.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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