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Published 21 Jul 2021

The author Malcolm Gladwell detailed an experiment in his book What The Dog Saw some years back regarding the misnomer of the job interview. While some employers went through the whole business of an hour long interview (and sometimes multiple interviews) to find the right person for the job, there was a definite argument that the same outcome could be achieved with a 15 second video clip of their first meeting. Eventually, he got the same results from a two second clip. From Gladwell's story, one could get the impression that everything comes down to the moment when a candidate walks into the interview, makes eye contact, gives a pleasant smile and shakes the hand of the interviewer. It's all about first impressions.

In the same way, the humble job resume also comes down to first impressions. Your resume is not just a list of the things you've done. It also represents a vision of you and the things you'd like to achieve" The more impressive your resume is - and let's not forget that this is your first contact with a potential employer - the better chance you have of catching their attention. Kickresume is a simple mobile app for iOS that helps job seekers create and present a professional resume to put them front and centre in the employment queue.

This app lets you choose the right resume format from over 35 great looking templates that have been designed by some of the best in...