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A photo sharing app that even your gran can use

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Send, receive and print unlimited photos in full resolution with Kicksend with just the people ... More

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Published 28 Feb 2013

I feel for the photographic industry. For years, the only way to see your photos was to take your roll of film to the printers on Main Street, come back the following week and hand over your hard earned dollars to get your treasured memories delivered in a neat little paper wallet. Then the Internet and social networking took over. These days you can take a photo on your mobile and email it to friends and family or share it with your social networks in seconds. But, it comes at a price. There have been privacy issue for years regarding social network photo sharing and Facebook has regularly had issues with uploading photos. You could share them via email but therein lies another problem in regards to sending multiple photos and attachments. Kicksend is an Android and iphone photosharing application that solves many of those problems and allows you to send any number of photos - of any size - to your friends and family. And its absolutely free.
Kicksend is a brand new photosharing app that is so easy and convenient to use that even your Mother (or you Grandmother, if it comes to that) will be able to use it. Even better though is that they will actually want to use it! By using this print sharing app you can send, receive and print an unlimited number of photos in full resolution and share them with the people you love. So now there will be no more social network...