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The only mobile Android app that gives you everything that iMovie does ... and then gives you more

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★ Now possible to directly transcode 1080p recorded videos to 720p (on devices where 1080p ... More

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Published 26 Mar 2014

They reckon that all those movie directors like Spielberg, Lucas and Scorsese cut their teeth by making short films with their Super 8 cameras. They would get their friends to act out scenes and amaze their parents and friends at film night when they showed their editing prowess with a finished film that took them ages to make. It makes it all the more impressive when you look at an app like this one. KineMaster is a fabulously fast and responsive video-editing app for Android that gives you a virtual film-editing suite at your fingertips. It is the only app out there for Android that matches Apple's iMovie and then it gives you even more.
KineMaster lives up to its name quite magnificently by giving both amateur and the more experienced filmmaker all the tools they need to make professional quality short films using any videos or images. It does this directly onto your phone and with the flick of your finger. The app gives you a full range of editing features and then lets you share your finished video directly to Facebook and other social networks. It does this for any desired video resolution in a snap and that even includes video resolutions of up to Full HD (1080P.) To begin your filmmaking experience you can choose from a number of different 'one-click' themes. The selected theme then gives you the option of adding music and visual effects to the images and videos automatically to create a...