Developer description

KinetiCast is an online presentation tool for sales and marketing professionals. KinetiCast empowers users to create, email and track engaging online presentations that can help to better qualify prospects, shorten sales cycles and close more deals. Founded in 2007, KinetiCast is based in New York’s Tech Valley.
KinetiCast’s online presentation software helps business professionals better reach their prospects by enabling them to easily create, email and track multimedia presentations.
Using KinetiCast, online presentations can feature PowerPoint slides, images, personalized video, links and downloadable files, and then be emailed via a link to contacts, ensuring deliverability and eliminating the need to download large file attachments.
Advanced analytic features then allow users to track who opened the presentation, how many times it was viewed, how long it was viewed and whether it was forwarded. This helps gauge interest levels and prioritize follow-up communications.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010

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