Developer description

Kiosker is the most flexible and affordable fullscreen browser for iOS and turns any iPad into a fully-featured fullscreen web kiosk. With almost a hundred configurable parameters, is's possible to tailor the kiosk to match your specific needs. Kiosker is not only the most configurable fullscreen browser on the App Store but also the most cost-effective. Competitors on the market with the same functionality is four times more expensive.

As built on the same web engine that Safari uses, Kiosker handles any webpage (remote or local) and doesn't require any special coding. Besides webpages, it's also possible to show documents, PDFs, images, and videos.

Use Kiosker to attract your customer with your interactable product guide, your digital newsletter sign up, or your digital company guide.  Do you own a smart home hub with a web control panel? Then Kiosker is your top choice for setting up an on-wall control center. We packed our app with advanced features so that it will act as a kiosk at start and a regular web browser when needed. This is useful when you need to Google something on your wall-mounted iPad that is mainly used to display your home control center.

We are sure that our app can be used in many more ways than we ever can think off, and with the power of Kiosker, the only limit is your imagination.

Last updated 7 Aug 2019

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