Developer description

Forget the boring kissing test apps that you see over and over again on the App Store. It is time to prove you are the best kisser by entering the Kissing Contest!

One minute per kissing round, lots of lips and lots of kissing. Do not let them go away, react fast and give kisses that last.

Authenticate with Game Center and your score will be uploaded automatically at the end of every kissing round.
Try to reach the top of the kissing leaderboard and beat the competition.

To further improve your score use the the 3 available power ups:
- Time extend, will give you 30 more seconds of action.
- Freeze, will make the lips freeze and wait for you.
- Magnet, will make the lips so attracted to you, that they will kiss you automatically.

- You do not really have to use your lips, your touch is enough!
- You can kiss more than one pair of lips at the same time!

Do not forget to drop us an e-mail and check out the rest of our apps by using the buttons on the main menu.

Happy kissing!

Last updated 10 Apr 2012