Developer description is a B2B print on demand platform (API) built for businesses and developers, we facilitate print & post of personalised products worldwide. Our vision is to build a network that connects print suppliers direct to customers (or what we like to call them - partners). Partners can send automated requests from their existing website or mobile app to where they can choose from an expanding range of personalised physical products, we then have them printed, packaged and sent anywhere in the world via our print supplier network.
Print suppliers get access to millions of new customers and partners benefit from global print suppliers, without having to commit to predefined print volumes. Win win. I believe that in today’s world, the ‘process of printing is broken, but people still love to print’. People no longer want to head down to Snappy Snaps to have their photos printed, it’s simply too much hassle. However, 2014 is going to see the number of photo’s taken exceed 880 billion. Photos celebrate and encapsulate your most cherished moments, your walls in home are still your trophy cabinet of life’s memories and thats not going to change. We want to set your photos free from your digital devices and bring them back to the tangible world.
Photo management and storage is also a huge issue in todays world. Gigabytes…. Terabytes… of memories are being locked away somewhere. Half of those photos you store are noise - by noise I mean duplicates or cast offs or screenshots or selfies. You need a new process for defining your best photos to keep. Printing can take a step towards solving that problem. It assumes that if you want to print it, it’s probably worth keeping. Hence, stores a digital copy in the cloud (your digital negatives) for you to use in anyway, anytime.
Our partners use us for these reasons:
- They produce or store a vast amount of digital content which they can monetise through print.
- Digital content is ideal for personal gift market
- they just need innovative ways to realise this potential.
- Partners find it difficult to scale to new regions as setting up new relationship with commercial printers is difficult and technically time consuming.
- Most printers are great at printing in bulk, but they lack expertise in distribution. We source good suppliers who can handle both.

Last updated 3 Nov 2014

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