Developer description

Klaser - Everything in its place

Whenever you need to snap a photo of a something and caption it, Klaser is there for you. With the Klaser app you can take multiple pictures of stuff that needs to be organized, described and saved for later!

You will be able to manage your things through collections, tag folders, places, months and years, and also be able to see them on a map. Add pictures fast from any place in the app to the inbox folder. Switch from listview to grid view. Describe, tag and share your things in social networks or through the Airdrop! Don’t forget to switch on a timestamp!

WHY IS KLASER A MUST HAVE? All of us take pictures of things instead of writing down a note. These are pictures we don’t want to forget about, information we want to refer to later, or any inventory of our stuff. These snapshots are mixed in our camera roll with our family, friends and vacation’s pics. When you want to find the right photo at the right moment, browsing through an overloaded, cluttered library is a real pain. There are several tools for note taking and attaching pictures, but none of them are easy to use, fast working, and solely focused on a picture remembering application. Klaser is there for you to help manage your busy life.

Have you ever been in one of these 46 real life situations that call for the Klaser App?

Everyday life:
- memorize recommended books
- capture new recipes
- plan your evening party outfit
- save labels of your fav wines
- picture current medications
- capture the stuff you lend
- remember position of plugs
- remember your gym schedule

Mom's world:
- kids health papers
- kids observations
- where is my kid
- husband’s shopping

- run your inventory
- save proof of your valuables
- keep document copies with you
- keep photos of family license plates
- file information when you don’t want to rewrite it
- save your receipts before they fade away
- car photos for the insurance company

- picture timetables while in a trip
- mileage of a rented car
- don’t forget parking slot number
- carry family health cards, passports and visa pics
- subway line pix
- capture hotel and street names in a foreign country
- before you leave, stove off position is a must take pic

- keep measurements of your appliance’s parts
- remember dates on oil-change tag
- picture stuff you need to sell while cleaning
- plant tags

- price labels of the items you want to buy
- photo your outfits while shopping to compare
- menu from nearby bar
- clothing tags
- makeup or hair coloring shade and its name

- quick shot of business cards
- save documents you sign

- veterinary tag

- Coins
- Stamps
- Comics
- Books
- Vines
- Vinyls
- Arts
- Toys
- Sports
- Cards
- Action Figures

Now, do you want them all to stay scattered in the Camera Roll? No. Get Klaser App!

One more thing, we have spent a large amount of time trying to make Klaser app; simple, quick and efficient. If complexity is your thing, we don’t mind. We will be waiting for you.
We know however that there is this one little thing missing in our app that would make a great difference. Share with us your ideas and become part of our team. Please go to the uservoice page

The features:
- Take multiple pictures of your stuff
- Place it in a collection
- Name it
- Enter a long description
- Tag it
- Timestamp
- View your things in "collections mode"
- Search in "tag folders".
- Grid view
- List view
- Years view
- Months view
- Places view
- Things on the map
- Share your items through Airdrop!
- Share a picture along with it’s title and description to social media

If you love Klaser there is good news for you! We are working to bring a desktop app to give you even more flexibility! Coming soon!

“From my experience, working in business for over 20 years, dealing with tons of products, producing, retailing, even making them on my own, I learned strict organization of resources. There is nothing more costly than losing what you had already accomplished. This equally concerns the goods gathered and the time necessary to find them.
I have made a promise to help others to get organized for the smallest possible value and with the simplest and most handy tools.” T. Ch.

Now, finally we have Klaser - Everything in its place!

Last updated 30 Oct 2013