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Developer description

We are Kloudeye, and we provide cloud based mobile health care solutions. We simplify exchange of medical information between doctors, patients, hospital staff, billers, pharmacy, diagnostic labs, and insurance companies. Kloudeye seeks to benefit providers by improving the transport of health information, making it faster, more secure, and less expensive. Doctors can save, access and exchange patient's medical history, expert opinions, discharge summary, lab reports, prescriptions, referral notes, patient demographics, admissions / appointments, diagnosis, procedure codes and secure messages.

Providers need a simple solution to save and retrieve health care data, and we provide just that. MedIX allows a physician to record, access or exchange health care data in a simple but secure manner on any device from any location.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?
No hardware/software installation, and no maintenance. Provides admission management, charge capture, secure messaging, lab attachments, use it from a browser or on your iOS/android mobile, 24x7 secure reliable access to clinical data.

Who is it for:
Doctors on the go, hospitals with a group of doctors, individual doctors with office staff.

Tags: secure messages, clinical data, charge capture, lab report attachments, HIPAA, icd9, icd10, cpt, procedure, diagnosis, doctors, providers, emr

Last updated 6 Aug 2015