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Published 2 Dec 2011

How influential do you really think you are? You know what they say...sometimes it's not so much what you know as who you know. Klout works along those lines. It is a social analytical business tool that tracks the impact that your messages make and also analyzes your friendships and professional connections and your influence on them. Klout is an app that's all about personal publishing analytics and understanding the impact of your messages.

In this day and age many of our friendships and professional connections have moved online making it possible to make the influences that you put out there measurable for the first time in history. You influence others when you convince your friends to go see a movie, share your favorite YouTube video, or start a discussion about the upcoming election. Basically, every time you create content or recommend, share files and engage in some form of discourse with others online you have some influence on them and have an impact on their life in someway. Klout has found a formula to rate that influence and impact on a scale of 1 to 100. 

The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure how many people you influence, how much you influence them and the influence of your network. By filtering out spam and bots and focussing on the people who are acting on your content Klout analyzes what effect you have on others when you post a message and...