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Developer description

Klyme is your new weather app. It is built with you in mind and that is why it doesn’t stop at telling you the weather. It is more useful than that by making sure that you are prepared whenever you are, wherever you are.

Whether it’s a bright sunshiny day or a dark stormy night, Klyme provides you with personalised clothing and activities tips to make sure that you are covered for the day. Klyme is also social so you can share your feelings about the weather and know how people in your area are feeling about the weather today. No more rainchecks.

Key features :

- Get an easy to digest, at a glance view of the weather for the next 24h.
- Check the Clothing tip for information on how you should dress to beat the weather in your location.
- Check the activities tip for information on the best activities for the weather in your location.
- Check the sentiment tip for information about the mood people have towards weather around your location.
- Rotate the device sideways too see a 7 day forecast.
- Post and share your thoughts, mood and activity with your Facebook and Twitter - Connection, all topped off with a great photo tweaked with our weather filters.
- Share the tips with your friends so everybody is prepared.

Last updated 10 May 2014