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Kneto works like webmail with meaningful reporting both on email opens and page-by-page metrics on attached files, all based on real-time interactive sales algorithms.
Kneto highlights opportunities and removes wasted time in sales. We’ll provide daily ”priority call lists” and recommendations for salespeople to focus on; getting the most of the sales team and focusing on your key proficiency.
Think about the physical number of proposals that you don’t manage to close and what the impact on the business would be if you could close any of them? If sales person is sending out 20 offers per month worth $5K each. This person’s conversion to sales is around 25%, which normally is an acceptable level but could also be looked upon differently. Out of 20 proposals sent out 15 are lost and only 5 won.With a little effort and Kneto analytics and you can turn around at least one out of the 15 lost proposals into a closed deal. Just by doing timely follow up on your proposals you would get one more closed deal out of the 15 In this case one more deal brings up your conversion from 25% to 30%, One more deal is $5K more revenue per month. Your monthly sales has now gone up from $25K to $30K / month. This is 20% more sales.With real-time follow up signals your chance to a meaningful conversation are seven times higher.
Knetos Customers are sales people in growth hungry modern SME:s who do not want to waste their time and need more tactical information on prospects before picking up the phone. We provide of automated sales analytics for closing deals in direct sales.

Last updated 16 May 2014

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