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Knoodle is the social learning platform for your company. By combining the immediacy and ... More

Editor's review

Published 3 Aug 2012

Knoodle derives it's name from a combination of Knowledge and Noodle - as in 'using one's noodle' or, the art of creative thinking. What it is, to back up that idea, is an intelligent union of old school outcomes and new technology. Knoodle delivers a comprehensive set of learning tools designed to keep everybody up-to-date and moving your business in the right direction. It uses your previously created videos, presentations and documents to inform and manage your business ecosystem of employees, customers and partners
Knoodle provides a cloud-based social presentation, training and learning management system in a single application. This means you can deliver more effective and engaging online training and presentations to your target audience within minutes by using a combination of slides, video, audio, images, surveys, tests, multiple delivery options and data analytics.  Knoodle combines the depth of traditional enterprise learning technology with the collaborative power of social enterprise tools to make learning and knowledge sharing a natural part of every work day.  With Knoodle, you can achieve a broad range of critical business objectives including product training and demos, sales pitches and corporate communications, new employee on-boarding, online training and certification programs and social learning communities to bring together employees, customers and your partners. Knoodle uses your previously made videos, presentations and documents to build and share your team's knowledge and learning. Track progress, engagement and retention of information and complete your feedback loop with tests, dashboards and custom reports to ensure your teams are engaged and learning. Manage your community with flexible publishing and sharing to accommodate everything from small internal teams to your worldwide community. Knoodle enables you to infuse your presentations with rich media and encourages social interactivity with your audience. You can use Knoodle for sales pitches, product demos, sales or product training, video resumes, professional career and employee development, e-learning and more.
Where Knoodle will probably prove to be of most valuable is by keeping your fringe or remote employees - on road sales reps come to mind immediately - totally on the ball with the same information and encouraging the same enthusiasm as your office workers. It is an easy to use cloud-based app that delivers an array of information via many different multimedia forms to keep everybody up to scratch. It's ease of use means it will actually be used by all involved.

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