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Published 2 Jan 2018

[cont'd] including CommonMark and GitHub along with some advanced extensions. You can view your markdown as either a normal rendered markdown or as a presentation.  The app fully supports iOS 11 drag and drop and allows you to organise your markdown notes and bookmarks in seconds.

So, what about keeping your information secure, you say? When note taking, for example, one of the most important options is to have private access. Well, if you purchase GitHub support using the in app purchase, Kobble will store all of your data in your GitHub account with none of your data ever being transmitted to the Kobble servers.  GitHub support also enables fast and simple data sharing, letting you easily share your creations with other users. So, rather than securing your data inside Kobble, the app stores everything in your GitHub repo - giving you the opportunity to have the best privacy arrangement available. None of your data even touches Kobble servers because it is sent directly to your GitHub account. Get it?

While researching this app I noticed that there was a fair amount of confusion out there regarding the privacy issue. Some commentators took issue with the wording of Kobble's privacy arrangements and disputed the fact that users' content was actually private. A response by one of the developers states that the intros on the web have now been clarified to better reflect the privacy situation. They also stated that users could choose whether they wanted their work...