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A new kind of dating app for people of all persuasions

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Koko is a cheeky, flirtatious mobile dating app that doesn't take the "big love soulmate" ... More

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Published 31 Oct 2017

In a recent study of dating and relationships in the digital era, Pew Research Center claims that 11% of American adults - and 38% of those who are currently 'single and looking' for a partner - have used online or mobile dating apps. Things have changed dramatically regarding online dating over the years with attitudes towards them becoming far more positive. In the 12 years since Pew's last survey in 2005 there has been a 15% increase in the number of people who think that online dating is a good way to meet people. Consequently, the number of online dating apps these days has gone through the roof.

While many offer very similar services, there are quite a few that have gone in a slightly different direction and offer something a little more interesting. Koko is a new kind of dating app for Android and iOS that offers a more playful approach to finding a partner. Whilst all dating apps aim for compatibility in matching partners, this one offers what they call a 'rollicking personality quiz' to give users the chance to meet their perfect match. Whereas most provide a rather dull and somber compatibility test, Koko goes for a more quirky and playful one with an array of 'left of center' questions as well as the regular ones. If you're worried about spilling too much information about your sexuality, you don't have to be. Koko has seen it all and they are the most unjudgmental people you'll...