Developer description

KONFIRMI gives app, website, and ecommerce store owners a simple way to automatically verify a user or customer's identity and other information — The Konfirmi widget instantly integrates with an ecommerce checkout, website lead form, user registration form, online surveys, login entry point, etc. and can be set up for any website or application.

KONFIRMI also ensures you comply with data privacy laws such as CCPA, GDPR, PSD2, and other data privacy initiatives.

Konfirmi widget authentication methods include:

- Age verification (via KBA checks across several massive commercial databases)
- 2FA/MFA via verification code sent to email and/or SMS
- Photo ID / Selfie ID verification (biometric authentication)
- Video sefie ID verification (biometric authentication)
- Mailing Address,, Customer Name, other Customer Info (Knowledge Based Authentication)
- Phone Number/Email verification
- Single Sign On Login
- And more!

Set up takes less than 5 minutes. The Wordpress plugin version of Konfirmi can also be found here:


Konfirmi also provides an easy way to comply with various data privacy laws and regulations. App features include:

- True Age Verification
- KYC Compliance
- GDPR Compliance
- CCPA Compliance
- “Behind the Scenes” Verification
- No Facial Recognition Used

Last updated 14 Sep 2020

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