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We live in a busy world. We wake up and get ready for work, read the paper, consume social media, and plan out our day; all at once. And then before we get the chance to notice it, the whole week goes by in a flash. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often find ourselves feeling more and more disconnected from the present moment - not paying any attention to what we’re doing or how that is making us feel.

Konsciously is a social networking platform whose aim is to foster mindfulness, self-awareness, and spirituality among people.

We plan to cultivate these attitudes by bringing about user-engagement in intellectual, meaningful discussions on our platform through several modern, educative articles and motivational quotes and images. We curate our articles in line with the ancient approaches while taking out modern-day learnings. Our goal is to help the masses connect with themselves and promote a healthy mind.

At Konsciously, you can find articles on topics ranging from metaphysics to mythology, pin inspirational images, share them with your friends and family, engage in enthusiastic discussions and post your own content. We encourage users to open up and share their own struggles, misfortunes, happiness and sadness and the lessons they've learnt throughout their journey.

Learn something new every day with Konsciously.

Last updated 17 Dec 2019

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