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Many POS developers herald their apps as replacing the cash register, but Kounta’s aiming for ... More

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Published 22 Mar 2016

The restaurant business has really changed over the years. There was a time when many dining spots were basically mom and dad affairs. You ordered your food from one of them and the other would cook it to your specifications - with a bit of luck. But restaurants nowadays seem to have got bigger and more complicated and you almost need a Maitre'D in each to control the flow and to make sure that everything runs to perfection. However, it's not exactly easy to find someone who is competent and hard working enough to live up to the name these days.

There are now plenty of apps on the market that aim to fill the roll of the Maitre'D but very few come even close to offering as much as this one does. Kounta POS is an all encompassing, feature-rich app for iOS and Android that serves the food and drink industry and offers a complete ecommerce environment from beginning to end. While it was developed specifically for bars, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, many other retailers will also see the benefits that this cloud-based system can bring to their business.

Kounta POS not only replaces the cash register but also goes one step beyond the legacy POS systems that were hailed as the next big thing not so long back. The fully customizable POS screen makes order taking easy and intuitive for staff and features a myriad of organizable possibilities to make your business run like clockwork. For...