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Published 22 Dec 2011

I've had this great idea that I've been mulling over for the last few years to design and make sets of those cool retro flying ducks to hang on the kitchen wall like your grandparents used to have when you were a kid. But where do you sell them? On eBay? Create a Facebook page? Design a website for your product? All those things are good but really, the place you would be most likely to find flying ducks for sale would probably be the weekend market. Kraftwurx is kinda like an online market place where you can create and sell or buy bespoke and custom made items designed by people just like you.

Kraftwurx claims to be the vanguard in the revolutionary trend toward democratized manufacturing by enabling you to buy, sell and create your own customized products, designed and printed in 3D. Kraftwurx is the world's leading platform for quality custom products designed by you for you. Kraftwurx empowers individuals, professional artists, industrial designers and engineers and 3D designers to design and sell virtually anything they can imagine, designed in 3D and made in 3D. You can create and sell custom toys, jewelry, motorcycle accessories, accurate fine-scale models and parts, promotional products and billions of other unique items in the marketplace and sell them to the world. The only limit is your imagination!  Kraftwurx rapidly expanding product base covers every kind of product imaginable.  When you create a product on, products...