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Social feed aggregator with Facebook and Twitter feeds - and makes them pinnable.

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Published 25 Mar 2012

Since the Pinterest phenomena began to take hold there has been a lot of interest in 'pinning' your photos and other stuff on pinboards to show to your friends and the whole wide world. Kulisha is a social application for your mobile where you can gather all your Facebook and Twitter feeds into one place giving you a better overview of your social networking state of affairs.
It seems that you have to just whisper the name Pinterest at the moment and people sit up and take notice. As a consequence, there are a lot of apps being released that tend to head in that general direction. Kulisha is a social feed aggregator for your Facebook and Twitter feeds - and then makes them pinnable in a Pinteresting kind of way.  Kulisha is a social network aggregator that collects your social feeds into one place and provides you with a more graphical experience than usual aggregators. The idea is that you can get a more fun and rewarding social experience and a richer overview of your online life by gathering all of your feeds in one place. Kulisha was originally created for the developers themselves and tries to solve the 'problem' they had with having to go to lots of different places to get their own information flow on the Internet. Oh, just in case you are wondering, your social networking data is gathered from 'open authorization' methods so you don't have to worry about your private information being out there for everyone to see. No sensitive material is stored on their server at all.
Kulisha is in it's early stages of development but could well be the missing link between your social networking accounts and Pinterest. It's a free and simple-to-use social application that delivers all your feeds from Facebook and Twitter into one aggregator feed with the added bonus of being able to pin and add to them. The future plan is to add more feeds and to give you the ability to add multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts which could be a big bonus when it is used as an advertising tool as it would deliver all your feedback into one place.

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