Developer description

Kwest is a Location Based, Augmented Reality storytelling game - immersing users in real-world exploration via episodic narrative adventures.

Kwest aims to be the "Netflix" of the Location Based Entertainment world; capitalizing on the potential of AR entertainment.

Kwest is leveraging technical innovation to work with multiple content creators and media markets to encourage faster adoption of AR overall, moving the industry forward.

Players will make choices that shape their own unique story, which will come to life through the “lens” of augmented reality. Currently, users can sign up to be alerted when the game’s beta goes live by visiting the Kwest website at

Compared to other AR games, Kwest is unique in creating immersive storytelling experiences that build on the material world around users, rather than simply overlaying licensed assets.

At Kwest, we believe that we are building a bridge between the virtual world and material world.

Kwest enables users to lead stories at home and when traveling.

We believe an adventure can happen any time or place, and we’re helping to start more of them.

Kwest was originally founded in November of 2014 in Dallas, Texas and continues to call it home today.

Learn more about Kwest at and contact the team at [email protected] or find them on social media at and

Last updated 22 Oct 2018