Developer description

The “what to wear” question and the need to create outfits is a daily problem for every woman who wants to feel confident in any context.

The “what to wear?” question had always been on the back of our minds and that’s how we came up with the idea of La Koketa app - a personal style advisor on your iPhone.

Every morning instead of stressing out trying on different outfits, now we can simply input our preferences while drinking our latte and the algorithm suggests a range of outfit ideas.

La Koketa app is like having a fashion advisor on the palm of your hand. It suggests outfit ideas based on your own clothes and specific criteria like style, color, brand, etc. You can see your own clothes combined with your favorite brands in an endless feed that can be tailored to your personal taste. The unique algorithm also shows how new clothes match your wardrobe before buying, thus making shopping smart and easy.

No matter if we have a date, a business lunch or a yoga class, we can sustain our focus on what’s ahead of us worry-free, stylish and confident that we can win the day!

Last updated 3 Sep 2019

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