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Published 15 Jul 2019

[cont'd] well as allowing you to clean, optimize and reset your WordPress website. There's also a plugin that allows you to update your themes and plugins securely, easily, and quickly by supplying a zip file. The app also provides a complete WordPress management service that includes monitoring, security, speed optimisation, website analysis and optimization, daily backups, expert consultation, daily updates, tech support and digital marketing consultation with lifetime access to all products. 

So, as you can see, a WordPress website is a very user-friendly one and seems to be a viable alternative to your normal HTML service. You can build any kind of website that you like, it'll cost you heaps less, it's easier to set up, maintain and change and it's mobile friendly. Labinator gives you thousands of different themes to choose from and you can do just about everything with it that you can with a regular HTML website. As much as anything else though, you can cut out the middleman. If you want to change or add anything, it's easy to just do it yourself. Whether it's a complete change of design or you just want to turn your website into an online store, it's pretty easy to do it yourself. Labinator is available for a one-time fee of US$89 or with a bunch of extra features for $197 per year with a 30 day money back guarantee if, for some reason, you aren't satisfied.