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The app Lace links two Worlds only at first glance diametrically opposed.
The work of handmade tradition by our grandmothers, mothers and aunts (but capable today to generate great interest among young people and the latest generations too) and the modern device 2.0.
So the app Lace is an interesting combination between smartphones, tablets and bobbin, bobbin lace... but especially with the Lace.

The App deals, from the historical and didactic standpoint, a real art linking old tradition with modern devices.
A tradition synonymous with Italian style and taste that, over time, has spread from Italy across the globe and has been applied in various forms.
The application accompanied by abundant iconographic documentation, presents eleven artefacts which span a period of time from 1650 to date.
Detailed instructions for making the original artefacts have been adapted to enable them to be made by the modern technique, are given in the app by means of graphs, colour codes, prickings.
By using the colour code, in particular, it is possible to easily interpret and carry out the stitches, in that it acquires the value of an international language.
Patterns with original unpublished designs are included with the app.
All the laces can also be made with the application

• Historical analysis of the artefacts - their origins and their evolution
• Iconographic documents
• Graphs
• Colour code
• Prickings
• 11 patterns for making the laces

Lace is an app for making step by step 11 amazing original unpublished laces.
It is easy. Follow the instructions and use printable graphs, colour codes, pricking, patterns (printable).

Lace is an app by Italia Multimedia ( in partnership with Laboratori Creativi Beretta (

Get into the fabulous world of this ancient and amazing art

Lace for Apple (iPhone e iPad)

Lace Pro for Android

Lace free for Android

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Last updated 14 Jun 2014