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Published 16 Aug 2013

Since advertisers realized just how good a marketing tool the Facebook Fan Page actually was a couple of years there have been a number of great apps to turn your page into something special. Apps like iFrame Tab and Cool Mohito were so easy to use that there was no need to hire a professional web designer because the step by step guide meant even your granny could do it. Landable takes the concept of the fan page one step further with this app to create great landing pages for Facebook that are suitable for both web and mobile pages and without needing any coding or HTML knowledge.
Landable is the perfect set of tools for social media gurus and business owners. It makes it simple for business owners to build and manage their own Facebook Pages while its also powerful enough for social media consultants and agencies to manage all of their clients and their pages. Landable provides the tools to  help you create stunning, device-friendly Facebook, mobile and web landing pages for any business without having to have a degree in coding or HTML knowledge. Giving you get the best of both worlds, Landable lets the web design professional simply paste in their HTML - or, if that doesn't suit you - lets you create and make changes to your tab without any coding with  easy to use drag and drop technology. It gives you everything you need to create landing pages for social media, your email and...