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LARKR provides a visual way to experience new and interesting content within your social ... More

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Published 14 Feb 2013

You might have see FeedMyApp's recent review of the social media curation and aggregation tool LikeHack. In it we mentioned how overwhelming the amount of incoming content we receive ever day. So much so, in fact, that it can get difficult to cope with. LARKR! is a slightly different style of organizer for your social network feeds. It provides a new way of interaction by combining all your social content from friends and friends of friends into one stream and then recommending new and exciting content based on those feeds.
The idea behind LARKR started a few years ago when the social networking phenomena began on the web. Before then, pretty much all you got when looking for something particular on the net was the simple 'search' box. You really had to know exactly what you were looking for in order to cme up with the goods. Even then, that's just fine for finding specific stuff but not so good for throwing up interesting surprises. LARKR is an open content discovery application that provides a compelling visual way to experience new and interesting content within your social networks. It does this by allowing each user to connect with multiple social services, connect with friends and interact with content across connected social streams in a compelling visual manner. The LARKR service then goes to work interpreting what you like and dislike based on your interactions to provide the most interesting content, to get rid of the stuff you...