Developer description

A simple but not at all an easy game, Laser Dots will test your reflexes and your patience for countless moments of challenging fun.
The game starts with two very unassuming circles on your screen: the red one and the blue one. Once you tap on your screen to start, other circles of either color will come in from the top or the bottom, and it is up to you to match them with the original circles of the same color. Red is to red and blue is to blue, and all you have to do is tap the screen so that the original circles change positions to match the new circles properly. Very simple and easy to understand, Laser Dots will test just how fast your eye and finger coordination is.
► Watch out for achievements to accomplish and make sure to beat your high score as much as you can. You also get to see just how many games you have played so far so it gives you an idea of how many tries you need to get to your highest score. The game concept is so easy that you won’t need to read the instructions to get started. Even kids can play it as all you have to do is tap the screen to get your high score. So if you need to get the kids entertained, let them play the game and get them to see who can get the highest score. They will be at it for hours! If you have nothing to do or if you simply need a break from your work, this game also proves to be good for adults. It lets your mind take a break from all the information and thinking that you need to do, but it keeps you quick and alert as it tests just how fast you can react.
Don’t let the simple concept fool you; play this game for at least a minute and you will find that it is not all that easy, after all. You will never think that getting a high score of 10 has ever been harder in your life. Once you get to 10, try and go for 20! If you are one to challenge yourself and your friends, this game is definitely for you. Best of all, its free! It also takes just a minute or two to install and you will be ready to play. Just make sure to have your Google account ready so that you can download it for free through Google Play. Also, you can keep your account synced so that you can compare your high score with your friends and contacts.
✔ Share Laser Dots with your friends and see who has the fastest tapping reflexes in the land.

Last updated 25 Mar 2015