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Last Match Last Match is seemingly a simple game with simple rules. The main task in all types ... More

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Published 19 Apr 2013

I'm sure most of you will be fairly familiar with the concept of Last Match but, as with so many apps based on classic games, this online version for iOS provides an extra dimension to add to the pure simplicity of the original game. Last Match is based on the age-old game that has been played by everyone from Boy Scouts to bored grannies for decades. But in truth, it probably goes back way earlier than that. It's a simple game that has been refined for online play and involves four different types of 'matchstick' games - the end result being that you leave the last match to be picked up by your opponent meaning that you are the winner of the game.
Last Match is, what seems like, a very simple game with very simple rules but is designed to develop logical thinking and the ability to think quickly. The main task in all four game types is to leave the last match to your opponent. You can do this by taking any number of matches - but only ones from the same row. The four games available here for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are designed not only for fun and entertainment but also to develop the senses of people of all ages and the difficulty ranges from easy to tough. When you discover the secrets and strategies of the game you will find it much easier to win against the computer or your friends. Last Match is very useful for school-age children who are learning to count, calculate and gives competitors a chance to think several moves ahead. The four types of games include the Classic game, Salvation, Coercion and Freedom and each offer a slightly different and more complex way of playing a simple game including colored matches and slightly different game play. The Freedom game is the toughest and is not for the weak hearted because, if you want to have a chance to win, you need to think twice.
Last Match is a great little time waster of an iOS game that is based on a game that kids have been playing for years. It's a great looking game for your iDevice that lets you pit your wits against the computer or your friends and the loser is the one that has to 'pick up' the last match. On the one hand, Last Match can be played in simple Classic mode but you can go through three other game types with various stages of difficulty but all involve strategy and a few clever tricks to beat the opposition. Last Match is hardly the most complex game ever played but its kinda addictive and will keep you amused for a while.

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