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Let your contacts know when your battery is running low

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Last Message is an android application. This app is a customize and smart solution to the low ... More

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Published 26 Feb 2013

Are you always aware when your batteries are running low on your mobile. If you say yes, you are probably in the minority because figures show that most people have no idea and only decide to recharge their batteries at the last minute or, even worse, when they grab their phone in the morning only to realize that they are out of juice. Last Message is a new and very useful Android application that lets you know when your batteries are low as well as informing your call recipients of your possible uncontactability via your social networks, SMS or email.
We’ve all had moments of panic when we've had to message someone important but know our phone is running on a really low battery. It usually happens just as you are talking to someone important and the only way you can be contacted is by your mobile. Just as you get to the important part, your phone battery dies midway through the call. You may be worried that the recipient will believe that you are ignoring them - especially if it is your partner, your mother or your boss. The developers set out to solve this problem as most people don’t actually notice when their phone’s battery is running low and it often takes them by surprise when their phone refuses to turn on. Last Message is an Android application that goes some way to solving the all-too-common low battery problem. It runs in the background of your device...