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Published 8 Oct 2011

If eve there was a sport that relied on the weather it's cricket. Whereas with most sporting events the only thing you have to really worry about is whether you get wet or not but cricket that's another thing altogether. If it rains during the cricket they don't play - it's as simple of that. You've wasted time and money getting there. Latest Cricket Weather is another in the accurate and reliable Latest Weather apps series. Using accurate weather forecast feeds for every stadium around the world they have put together a website service where you can easily search for your club’s ground and within a few clicks see a full overview of the next 14 days weather. For each of those days you can also see detailed weather conditions on a 3-hourly basis.
Latest Cricket Weather is a sport and weather tool made by cricket enthusiasts who understand what you need from a weather forecast to offer the most useful information. If you are going to the game? What you are going to wear? Sunglasses or Sou'wester? But this weather tool isn't just for enjoying the noble art of cricket. If you are going to watch a match at the ground or live on the TV the weather will effect how you place your bets! Cricket is affected by the weather more than pretty well any sport on the face of the earth. The weather has a massive effect on the result...