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Have you ever needed to quickly draft a legal document, but didn't trust the samples or ... More

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Published 16 Feb 2014

It has always left me totally flummoxed that it costs such a lot to produce true legal documents. Wills are probably the most perplexing. I've never quite worked out why such a small piece of paper can cost so much and, one has to wonder, is this a fiendish plot by lawyers who are trying to hold on to a nice little cash cow for themselves.  LawDeal is a new and totally free legal document creator that puts a dent into legal fees by letting you create your own legal forms quickly and easily.
Have you ever needed to quickly draft a legal document but don't trust the samples or templates that you found online? Well, up until now, unless you are happy to pay hundreds of dollars to have one drafted by expensive lawyers or online through sites like LegalZoom or RocketLawyer, that was your option. LawDeal is a fully responsive, cloud-based app for creating personalized legal documents - and it's 100% free. There are absolutely no document preparation fees nor any monthly subscription fees or sneaky "free" trial periods. All the forms that you need from LawDeal are just plain free. The app creates fast legal documents drafted by licensed attorneys that are electronically tailored to your needs - saving you time as well as money. The easy-to-use, step-by-step questionnaire will guide you through the process and all you will need to do after you've printed your form is to sign it and make it legal. No longer will your ability to legally protect yourself or your family be restricted by your ability to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees. With LawDeal’s do it yourself legal documents, you will be able to handle most routine legal matters for free by yourself.
LawDeal is a Los Angeles based company founded by practicing attorney and Yale graduate Thomas G Martin and takes legal form creation out of the hands of overpriced lawyers. It lets you create a personalized legal document in minutes at the touch of a button - all in PDF format - that you can download, prepare and print free without the need for a lawyer to be present and clocking up charges. The developers aim is to throw the legal doors wide open to everyone and ensure that one's ability to get legal help isn't dictated purely on the size of your bank account. LawDeal is easy to use and is about to expand its offerings to include personal and business legal documents - such as a last will and testament and business contracts. Free legal consultations with licensed attorneys are also available through LawDeal's toll-free number, 1-844-LAWDEAL.

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